Version 1.9
2006-10-02 by Thomas Öllinger (
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With the program SC-123PU (successor of the SC-103PU) you get a powerful and freely available scientific calculator for the Palm platform. Apart from scientific functions it also offers a full set of logical operations and conversions between different numeric systems (HEX, DEC, OCT, BIN). Additionally the calculator offers a units mode for easy conversions between different units including currencies, as well as calculations with mixed units. The program is designed in a way, that it simulates the visual and operational aspects of a true calculator, such that the user will be immediately familiar with its interface.

The calculator program automatically adapts to single and multi color devices. High resolution displays of SONY Clié devices and devices with Palm Operating System 5 and higher are automatically detected and supported.

Available in four different languages: English, German, French and Esperanto.



The archive (680KB) contains the program (version 1.9) and full documentation.


Read full Instruction Manual online.

Development Information

This program was developed using Palm SDK version 5, PRC tools version 2.2, gcc version 2.95.3-kgpd and PilRC v3.2. The program was written in mCWEB a literate programming system which acts as preprocessor to C and TeX. mCWEB is freely available on Aminet at
The program was tested on Palm emulator, Palm simulator, Garmin iQue 3600, Hagenuk S200, Palm Treo 650, PalmPilot Professional, Palm IIIx, Palm m505 and Palm Tungsten E.


V1.9, 2006-10-02Rendering problems of key labeling on older B/W HiRes Clié devices fixed.
V1.8, 2006-08-01Calculation errors with signed numbers in LOGIC mode fixed.
Display problem when switching from two lines BIN mode to another mode fixed.
V1.7, 2006-06-17Support for Treo 600, Hagenuk S200 and Xplore M68 keyboards added.
Crash on exit when running on older HiRes Clié devices fixed.
V1.6, 2006-04-02In rare cases, the calculator was not accepting any input after closing the unit definition form. This problem is now fixed.
V1.5, 2006-03-29Error (crash) calculating "sin", "cos", "tan" fixed.
V1.4, 2006-03-28Bug when calculating "not" of unsigned 32 bit values in LOGIC mode fixed.
V1.3, 2006-03-28Key "W" on Treo QUERTY and QWERTZ keybord will now be correctly interpreted as "+".
V1.2, 2006-03-26Support for dynamic input area added.
Support for Treo QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards added.
V1.1, 2005-12-31First official release (based on the SC-103PU).


You can contact the author under the following email address: Thomas Öllinger,