SC-323PU Now also on your Apple Watch!

Do your basic calculations, tip  calculations , unit and currency conversions and even scientific calculations directly on your wrist!

Designed with large keys for best usability on the small screen.

Basic Calculator

Enter a number – do basic calculations or switch to scientific mode if you want more.

The entered value or calculation result can be converted to different units including currencies, or can be used as base for tip calculations.

Unit Converter

Swipe to the left to make unit conversions.

Swipe back to the basic calculator to enter a new value.

Currencies are updated daily from the internet.

Currency – Length – Area – Volume – Power – Velocity – Energy – Temperature – Mass – Pressure – Time – SI Prefix –3 × user defined

All units defined on the iPhone will be available on the AppleWatch.

Tip Calculator

Swipe to the left twice to make tip calculations.

Swipe back to the basic calculator to enter a new value.

Scientific Calculator

For the advanced user, the scientific calculator is the right choice.

  • Floating decimal point calculations with 10 digits mantissa and 2 digits exponent.
  • Four arithmetic calculations, constant calculation.
  • Priority of calculations according to a given mathematical formula.
  • Calculations: Four arithmetic calculations, constant calculation, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, reciprocals, square roots and cubic roots, x th roots of y, squares and powers, logarithmic and exponential functions, factorials.
  • 30 levels of parentheses or pending operations.
  • Two independently accessible memories for memory calculations.
  • DEG/RAD/GRAD selection.
  • Different display modes selectable: floating point decimal, fixed point decimal, scientific notation and engineering notation.